Excursions and football tournament

On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 21, 2014, a football tournament and several excursions take place. The cost of the excursion to Mathildenhöhe as well as of the football tournament is covered by the conference fee. Prices indicated below are the extra payment required.

Mathildenhöhe is within walking distance. For other excursions bus transportation is provided. All buses depart from darmstadtium front entrance at different times indicated below. Please present the excursion ticket when boarding the bus.


Guided tour of Artists Colony on Mathildenhöhe, a prominent center of Art Nouveau.

Meet the guides on Mathildenhoehe, in the Platanenhain, at 14:30 (see walking directions). There will be 7 groups (of 25 persons each), join one at your choice. The tour takes 1.5 hours. After it, visit at choice either Museum Kunstlerkolonie or the Wedding tower (Hochszeitsturm). Please give at entrance the excursion ticket.


Messel pit fossil site

Guided tour of Messel pit fossil site (Grube Messel), a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Board the shuttle bus either at 14:20 or at 15:00. Please chose one of the buses at this page. The tour takes 2 hours. Please wear sport shoes (with good adherence). Back to Darmstadt at 17:30-18:00.

Additional charge 8€

Fossil - Grube Messel


Guided tour of Saalburg, a roman fort, part of Limes Germanicus, a UNESCO World Heritage site; includes a small reception in the roman taberna.

Board the buses at 14:00. In Saalburg divide in 3 groups, to do in parallel 2 tours (of which one outside, please wear proper shoes and a jacket) and a light meal & drink at the Taberna. Each of these 3 activities take about 1 h. Return to Darmstadt at around 19:00.

Additional charge 19€.


Rhine boat trip

A boat trip through the scenic Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to see the mythic Lorelei; includes cake buffet, coffee and tea.

Board the buses at 13:30, please pick quickly your lunch bag before boarding the bus. We expect to board the boat in Rudesheim at 3 pm. The boat trip to Loreley and back to Rudesheim takes about 3.5 hours. Return to Darmstadt at around 20:30.

Additional charge 40€

Castle Rheinstein

Football tournament

General information

We plan to have 3 matches in parallel, on a mid-size field (length 40-50 m). Goal size is about 1m wide, 0.8m high. We play on grass, please feel free to bring you football shoes with cleats. We will provide bibs one team has to wear. The team wearing bibs gets the kickoff. Composition and size of teams left to the choice of the participants.

• Participation is included in the conference fee
• Duration:several hours
• Limit: 100 persons
• Tournament teams: schedule, standings, teams


RMV public transportation

1974 FIFA


The guidelines are for orientation only. The major goal is to have fun and they are as simple as possible. In general, we follow the rules of the world soccer association (FIFA).

We have 20 teams, 5 players each. There is no goalie, i.e no hands are ever used. There is no half time break and no changeover. Kickoff is decided by coin toss. Players will sign up for a team through a web-interface, one player volunteers as the team captain. The web address will be made public soon. After each game, both team captains report the final score to the tournament management.

Group phase

We have 4 groups of 5 teams each. Each team plays 4 times. In each group, two teams advance to the quarter finals according to (in that order)

1. points (win = 3 points, draw = 1 point)
2. goal difference
3. number of goals scored
4. direct comparison
5. coin toss


Each game is refereed by a player of a team playing in a parallel group. Each team captain will assign referees and make sure the referee knows which game to referee. Kick off and end of game is in time (sharp) as indicated in the tournament plan. In case a team fails to show with at least 3 players, the game is counted as 5:0 for the other team. In case neither team shows with at least 4 players, the game is cancelled.

The referee can issue a warning to a player or even exlude him from the game, when necessary.


Each team has 5 players on the field at a time. In case of additional players assigned on a team as substitutes, the following rules apply. Players are exchanged by substitutes at the middle-lane only. This can happen on-the-fly, no need to wait for a break.


The ball is rolled in.


There is no offside.


Dangerous straddling is not allowed, even if the ball is played. This is about having fun, leave your opponent physically and verbally unscathed.


The participation in the excursions and in the football game is at your own liability.